Key Features of ACA Reporting Only

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Your dedicated Implementation and Account Manager will help you every step of the way with your ACA reporting needs!

How it works:

1. Implementation and form generation.

  • Complete our 3-step implementation and system training
  • Upload your employee and coverage files
  • Complete the Audit Wizard, which will walk you step-by-step through your uploaded data to ensure that you are 100% satisfied before submitting to the IRS

2. Form submission to the IRS.

  • The Worxtime ACA Reporting Only system generates your 1094/5-C forms and e-files to the IRS on your behalf
  • Optional self-printing, or use Worxtime’s printing and mailing service for your 1095-C forms.
  • Daily updates of IRS responses are posted to your Worxtime Home Page.
  • Make corrections within the system as needed and, when you’re finished, print the form on-demand or submit it to Worxtime for printing and mailing.

3. The IRS accepts your 1094/5-C submission.

  • The IRS receives your forms and checks for errors
  • The IRS accepts or rejects your forms
  • The status of your submission is posted to your account for review
  • You can make corrections within the system. Once finished, all corrections are submitted to the IRS.

Data security is one of our biggest priorities. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is stored securely.