Compare ACA Tracking Reporting Compliance Software Solutions

Use the chart below to see which level of ACA compliance software and services will help you be on time, compliant and avoid IRS employee mandate penalties:/p>

Tracking & Reporting

Reporting Only



Web Based SaaS

Offsite storage of system data in an encrypted environment

Access to system using mobile devices


Implementation with CHRS certified Account Manager to include data collection, template review and discussion as well as consulting services to assist the client in determining the best organizational setup for their situation.

Individual Account Manager for support during the setup process.

User setup for each client with an unlimited number of users allowed.

Provide role based security for users accessing the system.

Data Mapping to support virtually any file format supplied.

Ability to create groups identifying alternate schedules (educational institutions) which identifies benefit eligibility at a lower hour total based upon annual schedule.

Ability to add client determined custom reporting fields to data breakdown/review.

Ability to upload spreadsheets and/or manually upload individual demographic, hour and/or coverage records depending on need.

Internal system setup to accommodate client/partner/control group structuring and 1094C population (ALE determination).

Ongoing Support/Data

Identify potential risks associated with FT population.

Data collection and upload (Ongoing - Reformatting, mapping and translation).

Data review and testing (done electronically and built into the system) done with ACA regulations built into the system structure.

Look Back Measurement to determine eligibility from any date going forward using client data to ensure properly times coverage eligibilty/offerings.

Ongoing monitoring and Measurement/Admin/Stability Period Tracking for all employees.

Ongoing "real time" tracking of employee population to indicate current trending eligibility related to data in the system at any point in time.

Client Service email/online chat/phone support for ongoing assistance.

User resources to include templates, mandate updates, checklists, discrepancy info, etc.

Automated email alerts to indicate client identified actions taking place (entering Admin Periods, hour thresholds, benefit periods ending, etc.)

System accommodation of multiple measurement periods, pay period schedules, benefit plan offerings to support all client setups.

Support for affordability testing for any/all IRS approved safe harbors (W2, FPL and hourly rate)

Time & Attendance module available for clock in/clock out or manual hour entry (eliminates the need for hour uploads of employees)

Initial system training for all client Users

Ongoing system training provided as updates are made to the system or additions are made to accommodate mandate changes.

Standard Q&A/definitions in the system as well as occasional webinars for general system/ACA knowledge provided.

System Reporting

Multiple standard reports which can be viewed on screen, exported in multiple formats and/or scheduled to be emailed to anyone requested by the client.

Ad Hoc reports which can be viewed on screen, exported in multiple formats and/or scheduled to be emailed to anyone requested by the client.

Monthly/annual hours reports available to support eligibility for any period of time.

Custom Analysis of entire population offering 'slice and dice' of the organization as well as customized variables identified by the client.

IRS Required Reporting

Generation/population of 1095Cs for all eligible employees to include an electronic pdf to the employer and electronic transmittal of files to the IRS on behalf of the client (client is not required to obtain their own TCC)

1095C code generation/population automated based upon ACA mandate

Manual 1095C coding override in the event standard ACA coding rules do not apply to employee situation(s)

Fulfillment (printing/mailing) of 1095C forms (extra charges apply)

Additional copies of 1095Cs if needed through the Worxtime Client Services Division (extra charges apply) or may be printed within the system by the client (no extra charge)

Audit Wizard taking the user through series of steps to review discrepancies, questions and items related to 1094 and 1095C forms prior to filing. Once approved, this provides Woxtime with approval to file.

Submission of replacement/correction 1094 & 1095Cs via electronic transmittal to the IRS

Population of 1094Cs for all entities within an organizational realm to include submission to the IRS

Opportunity within the system to address/resolve any 1095C errors identified during transmission to the IRS. Resubmission is done internally by Worxtime once errors are resolved.

Monthly minimum coverage offering % report to identify percentage of FT population identified as being offered coverage.

Ongoing monitoring and notification of IRS filing status including transmission and submission status, dates and responses.

Marketplace Notices/Appeals

Assistance with appeals as it relates to information provided to Worxtime by the client.