Curious about the flow of tracking and monitoring employee healthcare benefit eligibility in order to avoid ACA penalties?

Click the image above to see the full size flow chart illustrating Tracking Employee Benefit Eligibility. Then get Worxtime to help simplify your flow.

About Tracking Employee Benefit Eligibility
for ACA compliance: It’s a complicated matter.

Employers struggle to track how many hours an employee works, when they are eligible for benefits and when they are trending eligible. Luckily, Worxtime makes it easy for Tracking Employee Benefit Eligibility over defined time periods and sends alerts to help you adjust scheduling and know when to offer affordable care. With the IRS collecting billions from non-compliance penalties, it’s imperative that HR / employers stay abreast of the latest ACA regulations and apply them to actual hours worked by their employees. This illustration will give you an overview of how to understand when employees must be offered affordable care and more …