Worxtime is proud to announce the launch of our new, employer-driven ACA solution. 

BASIC uses your uploaded data to generate your 1095-C forms and 1094-C transmittal, mails the 1095-C forms to employees, and e-files all required data to the IRS on your behalf. 

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Stop Biting your nails over ACA Tracking & Compliance

Meet Worxtime, an online web application and support staff, specializing in ACA Employer Mandate compliance.


The tracking and reporting system simplifies the complicated law, making it easier for your company to comply and avoid potential fines.  The client support staff is with you every step of the way; implementation of your company, data gathering and importing, monthly monitoring and annual reporting.

Why Worxtime
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Free ACA: Guide To Compliance
1094/5-C IRS E-filing Deadline

will collect
in non-compliance

ACA Employer Mandate Made Simple

Affordable Care Act regulations are now being fully enforced by the IRS. Acceptance or declination ‘may’ result in HUGE fines.

Compliance is complex, complicated and time-consuming for employers and HR departments scrambling to meet the deadlines.

The Worxtime web app creates a reliable process for identifying employees who are eligible for health benefits and forecasting the probability of workers becoming eligible.

Worxtime compiles data from your existing systems to automate monitoring, forecasting and reporting so you can get back to the business of ... business.

Tracks Employee Hours

Your streamlined dashboard shows a comprehensive view of hours worked and eligibility data.

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Projects Benefit Eligibility

Using your measurement period rules and organizational setup, Worxtime uses your employee data to project the probability of future benefit eligibility.

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Generates Automated Alerts

Automated alerts deliver actionable information to your team members to eliminate surprises.

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Manages Benefit Eligibility

Tracks & determines eligible employees and generates automated notifications sent right to your inbox. Integrates with benefit enrollment provider & reports risk of failure to offer required coverage.

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Mitigates Financial Risk

Notifications are sent in real time as employees become eligible for insurance. Offering coverage within the designated administrative period will ensure compliance and mitigate financial risk.

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Distributes 1095C On Time

Programmed to ACA regulations, Worxtime makes precise code calculations for 1095-C forms. Provided timelines for data submission ensure availability of forms before IRS deadline, eliminating unnecessary penalties. Optional fulfillment services are available.

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Automates E-File to IRS

Automates E-File To the IRS – Worxtime e-files IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C per reporting requirements utilizing our own unique TCC eliminating the complex process of clients obtaining their own.

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Simplifies Setup & Data Exchange

Your dedicated Account Manager assists with implementation and system training. The Worxtime system provides data mapping tools for ease and flexibility of data exchange supported by a designated Data Analyst.

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Bulletproofs Your Compliance

ACA Compliance is an ongoing process. Worxtime determines who is eligible and when to offer coverage. The Worxtime Client Services team and our internal ACA experts are here to provide guidance and help you along the way.

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People + Technology

Worxtime is set up (by real humans) to ensure dataflow with your current systems.

We like to think our software is magic. We also know that our people make an equal impact on your experience. Our clients receive customized systems implementation and a dedicated account manager to answer your calls and questions.

ACA compliance requires expert understanding of the rules and how disjointed systems can be brought together to deliver you the insight you need to provide coverage or adjust your offerings based on timely, trusted data.

When you leverage the Worxtime platform, you also get Worxtime’s go-to team of ACA experts, attorneys, software engineers and client managers to ensure you have all your ducks and dollars in a row.

What Worxtime Clients Are Saying:

Don’t walk the ACA compliance tight rope alone.

Let Worxtime be your safety net.

Worxtime Affordable Care Act ACA Tracking, Reporting Compliance Software Application

Providing best-in-class, cloud-based performance that has employers up and running in no time. Imagine sleeping soundly at night knowing you have covered all your bases to be in compliance with Employer and Employee Mandate regulations. Know that you 1094-C and 1095-C forms will be ready on time. And they’ll be accurate. Be able to respond in real time when the Worxtime  Worxtime Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tracking, Reporting Compliance Software Application sends you an automated alert. Best of all, don’t be part of the billions of dollars collected by the IRS in upcoming years for ACA non-compliance penalties. Learn more here >