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    Monitor Your
    Employee's Hours
    With Worxtime you'll never have to manually manage your employee's
    hours and/or measurement dates for compliance again.
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    6055 / 6056 Reporting
    Let Worxtime take the reporting burden off of you by
    helping you prepare your 1094 and 1095 IRS forms.
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    Automated Email Alerts
    Scheduled, automated e-mails are sent to applicable addresses based on the type of
    alert selected and user-defined thresholds.

ACA Employer Mandate, ARE YOU READY?

Worxtime is a web application that manages eligibility for the "Look Back Rule". Worxtime manages the measurement, administrative, and stability periods to provide employers with data reporting. Worxtime’s intention is to keep the employer informed at all times, through an automated process, which employees are eligible for health benefits and the probability of potential full-time upcoming employees; enabling employers to budget effectively. As regulations are enforced, not receiving an acceptance or declination from 95% of full-time employees, could result in huge fines; "The Sledge Hammer". In the event the employer chooses to not offer health insurance, Worxtime will calculate the penalty.

With Worxtime you will always know where your company stands, without any surprises.

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